Project Design

Are you dreaming of a new kitchen or bath? Or a playroom for your kids, a home office or exercise room? How about a custom designed home theater? Do you want to change the look and feel of your house, but you also want your remodeling job to look fresh for a number of years all while complementing the existing features of your home?


The design process can vary greatly depending on the type of project. In most cases the cost of the design will be based on the cost to construct. Square footage, selections and construction complexities all contribute to the overall construction cost.

A well thought out, detailed plan will save you a lot of money and aggravation when it comes time for the work to begin. It becomes the most important form of communication you will have. You’ll have fewer delays, changes and cost overruns because everyone knows what to expect in advance.

Using our extensive design expertise and the 3D CAD program we’ll produce detailed drawings of your new space in your existing house for remodeling projects or New Home Concept drawings for new construction. Then working together we’ll go through a process that siphons your wants and needs into a design that fulfills those requirements. All the while we’ll work hard to keep your budget in mind so the designs we come up with can become reality.

I am amazed at how you translated my sketchy ideas into a functioning space…
- Connie Brown

3D Images allow for accurate furniture placement. This gives the design the ability to maximize the functional space.

Detailed plans and elevations call out specific selections and instructions to insure everyone involved knows the intent of the design and matching cost proposal.

Renderings show details of cabinetry, fixtures and other materials. A complete understanding of what is to be built before the work begins.